WriteLine("Hello world!");

Hello world!

This is an attempt at logging the not-so-boring aspects of my work, be it the intricacies of overcoming setbacks or an overview of my workflow. Over the coming weeks, I will be migrating posts from my older blog to this one. I plan to keep my posts such that they apply to a wide audience. I sure do hope you like it.

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Recent posts

Continuous Vector Representations for Source Code

Over the last few years, there has been a lot of effort to create a continuous higher dimensional vector space representation of words, sentences, and even documents such that similar entities are closer to each...

Why study the reviewability of code changes?

Peer code review is a practice adopted widely in the industry to reduce defects in code and to improve the quality of software. Peer code review has been verified to contribute to a significant reduction...

Propr - Assess pull request reviewability

Do you merge pull requests day and night and wonder if you could convey the developers how you want their future pull requests to be? Are you a developer whose pull requests end up getting...